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Happy Thanksgiving!

A sunny, perfect Thanksgiving Day!

Eagle One, the turkey has landed! Eagle One, I repeat, the turkey has landed! Or… it did this morning anyway. I got up early and went to IKEA (I work there) to help serve food to homeless families from Hope Haven. Many, many IKEA coworkers and managers came in this morning to do the same. We set up the restaurant to provide dinner and… early holiday gifts to all the families that came.

It was an amazing experience being able to do give my time in service to others. I was really moved by all the people who said “Thank you!” to all of us for coming in on a day when most people stay at home with their own families. It was truly humbling… and also one of the best thanksgivings I’ve ever had. I’m excited that IKEA is going to do this again next year. I hope I’m around to be a part of it!

Instead of boring you all with a running commentary on it all, I’m just hoping to put up the pics I was able totals before we got into full swing.

Some of my lovely coworkers and managers

Setting everything up…

All the people arriving and being greeted…

Everyone enjoying Turkey Dinner! 🙂

Bisquick Pizza

Yes, I said Bisquick! Can you believe it? I was actually over at Bisquick’s site lookingro see if I could make dessert with it (other than sweet biscuits for strawberry shortcake) and found “pizza” recipes.

Basically, you make the dough with water instead of milk and spread it out really thin. Add sauce to the top (I used Classico’s Tuscan-Inspired Olive & Garlic Pasta Sauce), sprinkle with toppings (sweet Italian turkey sausage) and cheese (mozzarella blend) and bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes at °425.

The finished pizza… doesn’t it look yummy!?

OMG. So good! I put a little freshly cracked pepper and Italian seasoning into the crust mix for a little extra flavor. I would have put onions and peppers on the pizza too… but didn’t realize they were in there… A little miscommunication with my Mom. Oh, well. Next time.

Here’s the link for the Bisquick pizza recipe if you want to try it yourselves: Extra Easy Pizza.