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New Projects

I have a dream… that one day this will be glam not ham.

Now that the chair is finished, my plan is to start work on some new projects for the next couple of weeks.

Project #1:
I bought four IKEA Lack tables to do this project from SpaceSays. Basically, you use the tops from two tables to make a cube and then decorate the edges with office tacks. I’m thinking of upholstering them as well. A little batting, a little fabric. Maybe an animal print or an ikat?

Project #2:
Someone really did a number on this IKEA Klubbo table… I’m going to do another number on it. But better.

Another IKEA table, this time the Klubbo coffee table. I found this with the veneer almost completely peeling off the edges for $20. It is going to replace my mom’s Lack coffee table (the larger sized one with a shelf below) in the living room. I’ll be removing the peeled veneer, priming and painting it in Krylon’s high gloss Cherry Red and painting the legs gold. Cool, eh?

Project #3:
Lamps should not be this color. Ever.

I bought these two lamps from a big box clearance section. The medium brown tone of the wood is a no go. Instead I’ll be spraying on high gloss black paint and putting on new shades. I’m leaning toward a black shade with a gold lining… really going Glam with it.

Project #4:
The dresser… holding my lovely A Giannelli horse head bookends and Design*Sponge @ Home.

The Simmons dresser. I’ve had this for a while. I’ve vacillated wildly on what to do with it. At first I thought I’d just strip it and clear coat it. Then, I decided maybe a two tone finish similar to the original finish would be good. Finally, I thought a high gloss bright would be the best option. Actually, I wont be doing any of those but I think the idea I did come up with will be pretty and unique!

Project #5:
The armoire with the doors off…

This tall Asian style armoire was a ReStore find. Originally, it was meant to house a TV and related components. I disassembled the turntable and removed the upper door with a view to converting it into office armoire. Now I’m thinking it will work out better as a bar. I’m still not sure what direction to take as far as color goes… any suggestions would be much appreciated!

So, that’s what I’ve got on my plate in the coming weeks. Now that my arsenal of tools and helpful friends and family are coming to my aid when I need them, you should be seeing a lot more DIY around these here parts!

I hope you’re having an awesome Wednesday! See you tomorrow!

Pillow Talk


I promise this is the last time that I’m going to post about the office chair… but I had to share the final piece of the picture: two pillows a friend sewed up for me in a coordinating fabric. The print is called Barber by Premier Prints, the colorway is corn yellow/kelp slub. I think it looks really nice with their corn yellow slub Zigzag fabric. Don’t you?



So there it is! The final touch on the office chair. I’m likely going to put this piece up for sale in a week or two… so if you know anyone that needs a dashing office chair, point them in my direction!

I’ve got a meeting today (I’m on the Social Committee, planning fun stuff for my fellow coworkers… fun, right? :-D) and a few hours after that, more than likely spent stocking up the Swedish Food Market. It needs it after the crazy weekend we had. I’m sure we could have filled a football stadium with the number if visitors we had this weekend!

Anywho, I hope your Wednesday is a quick and happy one, everyone! Until tomorrow. :-*

Best of the Week

I save a lot of things while I’m surfing, a lot of which I don’t post because I’ve thought I might be spamming you all with it. But going forward, if it’s ok with you all, I’ll be sharing more instead of less. Because if I think something is awesome enough to save, well, maybe you will too. 🙂


Hyphae Lamp by Nervous System @Etsy, $600.


“Minted” pulls & knobs in satin brass by Sumner Street @ Lowe’s, $5 – $8.


Upcycled flooring of wood shipping pallets by Arctic Plank, price on request.


Marble Tray @ Restoration Hardware, $125 – $155. (Thanks to Camille Moore for sharing this on Twitter while I was writing up my post!)

Designer Visions 2011. A trio of showhouses take their inspiration from the movies:


Jed Johnson Associates for House BeautifulFactory Girl.


Carrier & Co. for Town & CountryIgby Goes Down.


Thomas O’Brien for VerandaSomeone To Watch Over Me.

My favorite is Thomas O’Brien’s design but they are all amazing and have a wealth of ideas in them. You can learn more about it at Designer Visions Online.

I hope you’re having a great Friday and have good things planned for your weekend. I’ll be working but making the most of it! Have a great weekend, everyone!

PS Sorry for the lateness of the post but just when I was almost finished my whole thing froze. I had to reboot and lost half the post… hope it was worth the wait. Ciao… for now!



The office chair is… almost naked! Seriously though, whew! I’m so glad the stripping back part is nearly over. Tomorrow after work the paint comes off and fabric goes on to the seat and seat back. Here are a few detail pics of what’s up so far:


Taking out the staples with my trusty screwdriver.


The staples from only one side of the seat back!


The naked seat… not so good nude, eh?

I’m really trying to get this project done over the weekend so I hope to have completion pics Cor everyone sometime early next week. 🙂

How’s your Thursday going? Got any great projects that you’re near wrapping up?

Etsy Shop: Present & Correct

Here are a few of my favorite items from desk accessories and stationery shop: Present & Correct on Etsy:


Stamp Sheet Wall Planner – $16.50

3 x Tag Notebook – $11.50

Vintage Bird Letter Set – $13.20

Leather Pencil Case – $32.50

Science Journal Letter Set – $13.20

Totally retro cool, eh?