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Works in Progress…


Paintings by UK artist Tom French.

Artist Tom French presents some of his new works in progress on his blog. They are beautiful black and whites with a kinetic sense of movement. I’m a huge fan… and hoping that at some point he offers prints for the budget conscious among us. In the meantime check out his post
Works in Progress…. You can also check out my previous ode to his work here.


Yucky yucky snow in Seatown. 😦

We’re getting acres of snow here in Seattle. That’s definitely put a damper on my storage clean out activities!

I hope you all are having an amazing and snow free Monday! Until tomorrow!



The office chair is… almost naked! Seriously though, whew! I’m so glad the stripping back part is nearly over. Tomorrow after work the paint comes off and fabric goes on to the seat and seat back. Here are a few detail pics of what’s up so far:


Taking out the staples with my trusty screwdriver.


The staples from only one side of the seat back!


The naked seat… not so good nude, eh?

I’m really trying to get this project done over the weekend so I hope to have completion pics Cor everyone sometime early next week. 🙂

How’s your Thursday going? Got any great projects that you’re near wrapping up?

Thrift Store Score: Office Chair


So, yesterday for my birthday, I went thrifting with my friend Dawn and I scored this chair for diet cheap! Aside from being in need of a visual overhaul, it is comfortable and easy to update since the seat and back unscrew from the frame.

I’m stumped though. I can’t think of a good paint color/fabric combo to save my life. Any thought?

I hope everyone’s week is winding up nicely. See you tomorrow. I’ll be sharing some of my faves from another trip I made yesterday to West Elm. Ciao for now!

PS. Check outthe nice things my sister wrote about me on her blog, Supermom Plus, called Drum Roll Please.