As Is…

As Is:

I’m an interior design enthusiast blogging about my adventures in interior inspirations, decorating, modernist architecture, budget room creation, refurbished furniture, and junk hunting… and, occasionally, about crafts and fashion.

12 thoughts on “As Is…

  1. Dee

    Time, talent, and your blog looks like treasure. I am so proud of you. However, it is a little strange to see my stove online.

  2. Jo Post author

    Your stove looks beautiful online! Thanks for reading my blog, Mom! :-*

  3. Jo Post author

    I am in Charlotte, NC. Originally from Seattle though. Thanks for stopping by, Susan. I’m still new at this so comments still make my day!

  4. Jo Post author

    Thanks, Deepti! I love your pillows, they are so amazing! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  5. fashiondebbie

    i was reading an old blog that i found from a google search….it was from feb 21, 2011. anyway, there is a gorgeous blue/green room, looks like a small living room or library, anyway you wondered who designed the room and i know who it is! victoria hagen believe it or not! i know most of her rooms are quite neutral, but this one has always stood out as one of my favorites and i was really surprised when i read she designed it.

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