Totally Inspiring Room


This guest room is by Elizabeth Dinkel and was designed for a show house at the Greystone Estate, an (at the time) unoccupied mansion.  The colors: aqua, gold, white with little hints of chocolate brown. The vibe is feminine and elegant. I imagine any guest would be happy to stay in the soft and pretty room.

Happy Tuesday, all! I’m on the mend. Really! I’m so glad to be able to breathe through my nose again. It’s the little things, right? Until tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Totally Inspiring Room

  1. Jo Post author

    It’s two beds in one room. It’s a guest room and oftentimes in designer places they do the double beds. I think a lot of everyday types who don’t use designers but kit up their own guest rooms usually do a queen or pull out sofa. So it probably seems a little strange to have two twins in a guest room, to the average person. 🙂

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